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about francine


Hello, I'm Francine Walker.

Welcome to my studio.

My work encompasses a wide range of influences and formation techniques and it is continuously evolving.


My aesthetic approach to jewellery is to embrace the natural and spontaneous imperfections that occur when working with metal and to avoid complicating a piece by overworking it. With jewellery, it's all about the process. I am constantly inspired by my tools and fabrication techniques. I love working with gold, silver, brass and copper and transforming these metals into organic textural treasures.


I am captivated with all things blue and exploring the subtle range of values and hues within the spectrum of this colour. My images are based on playful abstract interpretations of natural elements; pebbles, stones, riverbeds and rock formations.

Creativity came easy to me as a child having been a maker, craftsman and artist from a very young age while growing up in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. I discovered painting in school, and was making jewellery by age 18. After completing my formal education in Interior Design & Interior Architecture at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, I went on to study Jewellery & Small Object Design at Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, British Columbia.

I currently live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada with my husband and our boys. I work from my home studio overlooking beautiful Lake Okanagan.

I live to create and build... I am humbled when I see a person wearing a piece of jewellery that I created or when someone loves my painting so much that they actually want to hang it on their wall. For that, I am truly honoured and grateful.



 video & editing by Milo Barnard

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